Pallet upcycle

So for Mother’s Day this year my husband asked what I wanted. Nothing is ever easy with me. I wanted pallet couches for my patio.  So I went to Pinterest and did a little research to see what I wanted….so. many. cute. things.

I think I need more. Okay, do I need or just want. I think we both know the answer to that. HAHA.

So he started by bringing home ALL THE PALLETS. Stacks and stacks. He has to take them all apart and that is the hard part because I don’t have the muscles, but he does.

After he took all the pallets apart, he needed a frame for the couch.

Then all the sides, this took a while, but he is diligent and a perfectionist. Whenever I build something, it’s maybe measure once, cut 4 times and then learn the hard way. He is, think through every scenario, measure 4 times, cut once and everything works out. Well that’s not true, but he is pretty good.

I can’t wait for you to see the finished product, because it is WAY cute.

Getting there. So may cuts. By the way, he is using a nail gun and screws to put this together.

We decided that this needed a good sanding so we don’t give our guests slivers. How sweet of me. So I gave it a good sanding and then picked out some stain. We ended up going with a dark stain because my husband didn’t want plain old grey cushions,  like I wanted. I am boring like that.

So we went with a fun blue cushion that we picked out before we started planning out the couches. Which I recommend, this way you have a measuring guide.  I wouldn’t want to build something and then hope to find cushions to fit.

You may find yourself making cushions, which would be great too, if you know how to do that kind of thing.

What is fun about this project is you can make it to fit your style and personality. Light stain, medium, dark…

Bright cushions and pillows, whatever you want. I went to Marshall’s and spent my Mother’s Day gift card from my daughters and got 2 outdoor pillow for under 30 dollars. Not too bad.

So how much did this whole project cost us? I would say with the screws and stain, under $25. Add on the pillows and cushion and we are talking about another $150. So for around $175 I have the best outdoor furniture!

Now keep in mind, my husband has access to free pallets. So if you don’t, it will be more, obviously. I would just check around, I get my chicken feed from a local store and there is about 50 stacked on the side of the building on any given day. Just make sure to ask. 😉

I also needed a coffee table, because I seriously love coffee… and where was I to put my beautiful flowers? And citronella candles? You get it.

So here you go, my awesome husband did it.  

I would love to hear what you all think. Or if you have any questions, I would love to chat. OR even better, come and have a cup of coffee with me and we can sit on these beauties. 🙂

Until next time everyone. Love you all!



16 Replies to “Pallet upcycle”

  1. Love these! They look great. So the pillows can stay outdoors always, or you only put them out when expecting visitors? I was thinking about rain, storms, etc. I’m going to share this post with some others I know as they’ll love them.

    1. Thanks Kathie! Yes, these are outdoor pillows so they dry quickly and being in the Pacific Northwest, we get our fair share of rain! The blue cushions are outdoor also, so the rain isn’t a problem, when winter comes and the rain continues, they’ll be put into our shed. 🙂

  2. Looks wonderful! I love that you acknowledge all the work he did – my husband is the same! We have a bench to sit on outside and a cubby house for our kids from pallets and it was a lot of hours work – and muscle! Luckily we get them for free from his work so when he has the time (and inclination ;)) we benefit greatly as a family!

    1. Yes, Christine, I couldn’t do it with out his hard work! I would love to see that cubby house, I bet your kids love it! And free pallets are the way to go for sure. 🙂

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